Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love Me Some Football!

In the last year since having my 100-400mm lens I've shot many a football game - mainly Kardinal football as that was my high school after all, but none the less, I have given my lens a workout. So much so that when I shot Kenai's homecoming last weekend it finally gave out on me. To say I'm bummed is an understatement. I love that lens. It's perfect for sports as well as wildlife photography. I miss it. What's worse is we're getting closer to the playoffs. My lens is out for repair for "at least" the next 10 business days... two weeks means I miss the last two games of the regular season unless a miracle happens. I'm so disappointed.

But! Before my lens went completely haywire I managed to snap off this shot of Kenai's AJ Hull.

Kards play the Homer Marineers on Saturday, the Stars play the Panthers. Friday it's the Bulldogs vs Seward. Good luck to all the teams, stay safe, and may the best team win!

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