Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Mini-Sessions Start Now!


As promised here are the details for the new mini-session! I promise you will love it!

Fall/Halloween Mini-Sessions
Beginning October 1 thru November 6, 2011!
Half hour session in a studio setting with fall themed props. After the session pick your favorites. Photos will be ordered and mailed to you. You will also have a password protected gallery to send to family and friends for viewing and purchases.
$45 Includes:
Session Fee
[1] 8x10 Collage
[1] 8x10
[2] 5x7
A $95 value! Save $50!
*A CD with all photos and collages can be purchased for a discounted price of $45 extra. Photos will be High Resolution and will come with a copyright release.

Book your session today by emailing tonichelle[at] or call 907-244-2801

I love this time of year. The colors pop out all over, and it's the start of the holiday season. Being a drama geek in school, I love the dressing up that happens in October. The family gets together for Thanksgiving, the day after which we break out the Christmas decorations and begin turning the house into a winter wonderland. It's my favorite time as a photographer with senior portraits wrapping up, and families turning to the Family Portrait to stick inside their Christmas and Holiday cards. I'm so excited for this mini-session. With all of the wet weather we've had, the fact that I can put together something in the studio is what I've wanted for a long while, and now I've got the space and time to do it! so don't be shy, break out the fall sweaters or the halloween costume and come have a fun picture done. You can't lose!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Basic - $150.00 ($300 with CD)
[5] 5x7
[48] Wallets
Deluxe - $225.00 ($375 with CD)
[8] 5x7
[8] 8x10
[72] Wallets
Superstar - $400.00 ($500 with CD)
[10] 5x7
[10] 8x10
[2] 11x14
[88] Wallets
[1] 20x20 Specialty
Snapshot (one pose only) - $50.00
[2] 8x10
[3] 5x7
[12] Wallets

Engagement - $400.00
[4] 5x7
[3] 8x10
[1] 11x14
[40] Wallets
Bouquet - $1300.00
[1] High Res. CD
[1] Proof book (up to 100 proofs)
[10] 5x7
[4] 8x10
[1] 11x14
Platinum - $1425.00
[1] High Res. CD
[1] Proof Book (up to 100 proofs)
[15] 5x7
[6] 8x10
[2] 11x14
Basic - $30.00 (one pose)
[2] 5x7
[1] 8x10
[8] Wallets
Child’s Play  - $55.00 ($205 with disk)
[2] 5x7
[2] 8x10
[12] Wallets
[1] 11x14

Package prices as of September 26, 2011. Subject to change.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's starting to look nice in here...

Still working on a lot of things, but at least I feel I'm getting somewhere with the layout. Not sure, still, if this will be the site's permanent home. Feedback would be appreciated. And, yes, I know the other pages are empty or nearly so.

Many changes coming

With the changing of seasons and job situation what better time to also change the site and blog?! I'm leaning more towards this becoming a one stop shop for the website. We'll see. That's why it looks so much like it's under construction - well, that's because it is!

Check facebook for updates!

Love Me Some Football!

In the last year since having my 100-400mm lens I've shot many a football game - mainly Kardinal football as that was my high school after all, but none the less, I have given my lens a workout. So much so that when I shot Kenai's homecoming last weekend it finally gave out on me. To say I'm bummed is an understatement. I love that lens. It's perfect for sports as well as wildlife photography. I miss it. What's worse is we're getting closer to the playoffs. My lens is out for repair for "at least" the next 10 business days... two weeks means I miss the last two games of the regular season unless a miracle happens. I'm so disappointed.

But! Before my lens went completely haywire I managed to snap off this shot of Kenai's AJ Hull.

Kards play the Homer Marineers on Saturday, the Stars play the Panthers. Friday it's the Bulldogs vs Seward. Good luck to all the teams, stay safe, and may the best team win!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hooray for Fall!

Things are gearing up around here at Photography by Antonia. Schedule has completely changed - I am now open all day pretty much seven days a week! I'm no longer working at the credit union and while I am looking for a "regular" job, for the time being photography is my number one priority.

Still, I managed to work the 40 hour work week while shooting all summer. Two of my favorites were a wedding shot back in august and a two year old's birthday shoot that I had earlier this month. Here are just a few glimpses.