@ A Glance
Born in Alaska, 1985
Photographing since 1992
Professional since 2003

My interest in photography came at a very young age. I can still remember getting my first camera - it was my seventh birthday. It began a passion that has yet to be quenched. From the very earliest moments of my discovery of capturing moments on film, I have always been drawn to photographing people. Friends, family, moments to be cherished forever. Visual reminders, memories that could be physically held.

By age thirteen I'd gone from using a Kodak "point and shoot" camera to a full out SLR. My first "real" camera was a Canon A-1, my dad's that he'd had since shortly after returning from Vietnam. I loved that camera. It served us well on all of the adventures of life. Once the A-1 was retired and I was off to college I honed my craft with a Canon AE-1 before switching to digital in 2005.

With nearly twenty years of experience in photography I am confident with my skills as a photographer and I still LOVE learning and pushing my creativity. I love meeting you, learning your story, and being a part of your moment. Be it a family photo, a senior year, or that most special of Wedding days. The personal connection is what tells the story, it's the story that only a photographer can capture.

Let me be part of your story.

Toni's work as been featured on travel and athlete websites since 2004. Most recently she made the main page of the Seavey's Kennel and Tours website - - with her shot of Hugo (the star from Snow Buddies). She has been, unofficially, shooting figure skating and mushing events since 2005. When not photographing, Toni enjoys travelling with her best friend and being a nuisance with her camera. She also enjoys scrap-booking her many adventures, spending time with her family, and caring for her pug, Yuka.