Sunday, September 19, 2010

Congratulations Kenai Kardinals

I was in Kenai this weekend watching my former high school's homecoming festivities. My brother is a sophmore at Kenai right now and plays in the drumline. Took pictures - of course - of the bonfire and the game with my new lenses. I LOVE my 100mm-400mm lens. Fantastic.

So, in honor of Kenai's win on homecoming, I will share one from the game. A larger photo post will have to wait till later as I'm still editting all of the photos from this weekend. Enjoy!

Team huddle before game starts.

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  1. Wow beautiful picture! i love it when people do the part color, part black and white stuff. I go to KCHS and was surfin the web when i came across this pic... very nice :))